Coaches Handbook


___OFFICERS: (Elected every 2 years, odd number year, begin term on odd year)__


PRESIDENT            – Carl Smith – 104 Laurel Dr. Coatesville,PA 19320

(610) 610 306 2081e/m –

VICE PRESIDENT       – Curtis Cockenberg-


TREASURER            – Richard Swanker


EXECUTIVE SECRETARY  – Richard Swanker – 101Shady La. Lansdale, Pa. 19446

(215)  822-9722 – e/m –



______MEET DIRECTORS:__________________________________________________________


DIVISION I     – Jay Jones –  North Penn

DIVISION II    – Doug Smith – Upper Moreland

NOVICE MEET    – –  Div 1 & 2 Meet Directors


WEB MASTER     – Richard Ames, 324 Landing Way Lane, Chalfont,Pa., 18914,

(215) 822-8881 – e/m –

INDOOR MEET OF CHAMPIONS  – Carl Smith – 104 Laurel Dr. Coatesville,PA 19320

(610) 380-5931     e/m –

Robert J. Burdette – Richard Swanker, 101 Shady Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446

(215) 822 9722 – e/m –



______BOARD OF DIRECTORS: (Meets twice a year, Fall/Spring)____________________


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE     – The Officers and Meet Directors listed above.

(Meets three times a year or as needed)


MEET DIRECTORS          – The six Meet Directors listed above.


PAST PRESIDENT          – Gerry Stemplewicz (immediate Past-Pres.)

– Harry Lewis, Jr.  (Past-Pres.)


LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES: (Elected each Odd {-} and Even {+} year)

[first year of school year represents year,

e.g. ’00-’01 is even, ’01-’02 is odd]



Sub. I American         – Don Betterly

Sub. I Continental            –

Sub. I National         –

Del-Val                 –     (-)

Ches-Mont National            –

Chesmont American        –

Central                –

Phila. Catholic North   –

Phila. Catholic South   – Curt Cockenberg, St. Joe’s  215-393-5468 (+)

Phila. Public           – Fred McCray, Central      610-449 6672 (-)

League Independent      –

Pioneer (Pac-10)        – Don Hendricks, Boyertown   610-367-6228 (-)

Bicentennial            –

Private Sch (Acad)      – Paul Hines, Chestnut Hill  215-487-2934 (+)



2017-2018 Schedule


Monday, November 6 , 2017   General Membership Meeting (7:00) – North Penn HS  – Board meets at 5:30pm

Entry for all meets this season will be through 10:00pm the night before the meet

Saturday,  December  16, 2017   MEET #1  – Lehigh – D1/-D2/  8:30 AM – 4:30 PM***

Saturday, December 23, 2017 MEET #2  – Lehigh – D2 – D1 TOGETHER 8:30AM START

Wednesday,   December  27, 2017    SPECIAL MEET  – Robert J Burdette Indoor Classic – Lehigh 8:30 am – 5:00pm***

Entry for this meet through

Saturday, December 30, 2017 MEET #3 –  Lehigh  – D1/ D2 BOTH DIVISIONS TOGETHER – 8:30AM START

Saturday, January  6, 2018     MEET #4  – Haverford – D1/-D2/  8:00am – 4:00pm***

Saturday  January, 13, 2018   Meet # 5 – Haverford – D2/–D1/  8:00am – 4:00pm ***

Saturday, January, 20, 2018    MEET #6  – Glen Mills – D1/-D2/  7:30am start-1:30pm***

Saturday, January 27, 2018     Meet # 7  Glen Mills – D2/- D1/  7:30am start – 1:30pm  ***

Saturday, February 3, 2018    Meet #8 Lehigh – D1/ – D2/ 8:30am – 4:30pm ***

Wednesday February 7 , 2018     MEET #9 – NOVICE MEET  Westtown School   , BEGINS 6:30PM

Friday, February 9, 2018      Meet # 10 – Last Chance Meet – Lehigh University – 6:30pm ***

Saturday, February  10, 2018    PTFCA  – Lehigh University “Track Carnival” 10:00 AM-4:00 PM***

Sunday,   February  11, 2018    PCL    – Lehigh University PCL INDOOR CHAMPS (to be confirmed)

###### Entry for the Meet of Champs will be through DONE BY THURSDAY, FEB 15, 10:00PM ####

Saturday, February 17, 2018    MEET #11 Lehigh U 53rd ANNUAL MEET OF CHAMPS –  10:00am start ***

Sunday, February 25, 2018 PTFCA – Penn State Univ. – Indoor State Meet – 10:00am to 6:00pm ***

Saturday, March 31, 2018    PTFCA – “Track Classic” Plymouth Whitemarsh High School ***

Saturday, April 14, 2018   MEET #12 49th Annual Coach’s Association Meet –  (Always the 2nd Saturday in April each year)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018    55th Annual Penn Relays Dinner

Th/F/S, April 26/27/28, 2018    123rd PENN RELAYS


1. COACHES: For your team to participate you must have the following items completed, prior to the first meet:


(a)  The Head Coach, Indoor Track and Field must be a member of the Association.

(b)  The Plan Form must be in. (SEE PAGE 9)

(c) The plan money must be in (if you select Plan I or II).

(d) Eligibility form, properly filled out and signed, must be in.

(e) The Individual Membership form (signed by your Principal or AD) must be in including all information on all paid members.          (Please try to supply Spring Coach information whether they are paid or not)

2. Each year we have approximately 100 schools participating in our program. As a result it will take a concerted effort on the part of all coaches to help run the meets, control the participants and in general do anything that will make the meets enjoyable and smoothly operated. The Meet Directors will greatly appreciate all coaches cooperation.

3. In competition – to advance to finals – time will be the first consideration;  and if a tie still exists we will have a run off.  At all meets where the facility permits 6 men will be in the finals of the dash and hurdles, unless ties dictate more/less.

4. This is a reminder for all coaches to have their athletes dressed and ready to run at all meets. If any person is found to be dressing at the site of competition, they will not be permitted to compete there.

5. COACHES: All members of a team must wear a standard school uniform and in particular relay teams must have all 4 runners wearing the same uniforms. Also, back of jersey may have no more than one layer of tape, no protrusion or knot as per PIAA uniform rules.

6. If the T&FCAofGP, Inc. sponsored Robert J Burdette indoor classic is run, the top absolute 2 plus all who meet the Meet Of Champs entry Standard, in each event will qualifying for our Meet of Champs, PROVIDED THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THIS ASSOCIATION.

7. Make sure that you read the schedule and order of events carefully, paying particular attention as to what events are held at what sites.

8.  NO FOOD, DRINK, RADIOS, TV’s, RECORDING DEVICES OR IPODS ETC. AT ANYTIME IN THE TRACK VENUES WHERE WE COMPETE. If a coach, a manager, or member of a team is found with any of these items in a facility, or breaking any other rule in our rules and regulations, the following will occur;

(a)  1st offense – Suspension of the person or persons from competition that day. (if they have already competed, suspension from the next meet that the team attends).

(b)  2nd offense – suspension of the team from the next association meet (which would include the novice or Meet of Champs if that were next)

(c) 3rd offense – Suspension of the team from further competition for the remainder of the season which includes the Meet of Champs and the Novice Meet. Money will be refunded (only upon school request) on a pro-rated basis.

9. Greater effort must be made to keep the parking lots clean. Check your area around your bus or car before leaving. Coaches are responsible for the actions of your athletes while they are at your buses or vehicles.

10. Your Eligibility List must be in the hands of the Executive Secretary prior to running in our meets. This list must be on an official PIAA form or T&FCAofGP,INC./PIAA form; non-PIAA schools may obtain this form from the Executive Secretary. This list need be submitted only once at the start of the season. If you have any additions simply put the information on school stationary and send it to the Executive Secretary during the season. (an updated reprint of the original list (re-signed) by Principal is also acceptable)  Make sure that the Principal or A.D. signs all eligibility submissions. The additions will be attached to the original forms and kept on file.

11. All coaches WILL help run the meets. The coaches WILL report to the Meet Director at the beginning of each meet for their assignments, ALL assignments are for the duration of the meet. Failure to do the assigned job or failure to report for a job will result in a teams loss of the privilege of participating in that meet from that point on, and/or the privilege of participating in the next meet.

12. No spikes of any kind will be permitted in any of our meets, except for the Meet of Champs, Burdette Meet and Last Chance Meet when that facility permits spikes (1/4 or less, only). No starting blocks in any of our regular season meets except the Meet of Champs. (starting blocks includes the use of feet, for support, this is not allowed) ANY SHOE DESIGNED TO ACCEPT SPIKES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN COMPETITION. NO TAPE IS TO BE PLACED ON ANY TRACK FOR ANY EVENT WE COMPETE IN WITHOUT SPECIFIC PERMISSION FROM THE MEET DIRECTOR.

13. A competitor may compete in only ONE event per meet. (relay or individual event) except where noted on the WINTER MEET SCHEDULE posted on the website and sent to each coach.  Each school is entitled to ONE competitor per event per meet.

14. For a competitor to be eligible to compete in the indoor season the following requirements must be met:

(a) A competitor who turns 19 on or after July 1,(of the prior year) shall be eligible.

(b) A competitor must not have been in grades 9 through 12 for more than eight(8) semesters.

(c)  A competitor must meet all requirements of his school, league, conference and/or state. (P.I.A.A. rules supersede others)
15. To be eligible for the Novice Meet, the following must be met;

(a) A novice is an individual who has not won an award/medal in any Indoor or Outdoor Track and Field Meet or any Cross Country Meet while in varsity competition. (grades 9-10-11-12) (Frosh-Soph Ribbons won at a meet during our indoor season or Junior Varsity/Freshman awards do not disqualify a NOVICE from the Novice Meet.) (AN ATHLETE WHO HAS COMPETED IN A PREVIOUS SEASONS Association Novice Meet AND HAS WON A MEDAL AWARD IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE IN ANY FURTHER Association Novice Meets.)

(b) The school entry fee for the Novice Meet for Plan III Schools will be those that are established for the regular season meets.

16. A school and its members must be in good standing in order to participate in a TFCAofGP Association sponsored meet.


18. The coach or duly authorized school personnel WILL accompany and be responsible for all participants of his/her team. A parent, friend, or non-school personnel will not suffice (unless authorized by the school).

19. Shot Put competitors WILL use the Association’s indoor shot which is supplied for the competition. “High Bounce” indoor shots are illegal – there use in competition or warm up will result in disqualification.

20. The “no-false-start” rule will apply in all association meets.  This means that a competitor who false starts will automatically be disqualified from competition in that event – that counts as the athlete’s one event.

21. Jay Jones is the Division I Meet Director, Doug Smithis the Division II Meet Director, the tresurer is the Novice Meet Director, and Richard Swanker is the Robert J Burdette Indoor Classic Meet Director, PLEASE HELP THESE MEN!!!!!!!

22. All protests, in order to be considered, must be submitted in writing to the meet referee within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the event. The Jury of Appeals will be the Executive Committee of the Association and selected officers. In all Regular Season Meets the Referee at the Meet will be the Executive Secretary. In his/her absence the President shall act as Referee. In the President’s absence any officer, by consensus of those officers present, shall act as referee. The final option is that the Meet Director will act as both Meet Director and Referee.

23. Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places in all regular meets. In case of ties, a flip of a coin by the Meet Director will decide who gets the medal. A duplicate will be made for the flip loser. All places and ties are recorded.

24. The Association will maintain meet records and individual meet results will be posted on the web page. If you need a copy go to our web site, Certificates will be issued to anyone who breaks or ties a Meet Record.

25. In case of questionable weather, questions or problems, log on our website In the event a meet has to be called off due to the weather, the decision will be made no later than 2 hours before meet time.

26. The association will not tolerate the use of Alcohol or Drugs or Acts of Disorderly Conduct. The offenders will be removed from the premises and the Association will take future action.

27. A Relay consists of four athletes. If a team runs less than four athletes in a Relay event the team (school) will be disqualified from the next regular season meet.

28. The use of an illegal competitor in any TFCA of GP Association Meets will be dealt with severely. Punitive action will be taken that may have a bearing on the schools participation in the following season.

30. Any coach, competitor, school or person associated with a member school found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct will be brought before the Ethics Committee for possible disciplinary action.

31. The individual running events will be the 60 (55)m – 60m (55)HH – 200m – 400m – 800m – Mile & 3000m. Relays distances will be determined by the track at the facility used. The events run in the Meet of Champs will reflect those competed at the PTFCA “State Meet”.

32. No school team or any part of a school team, or any spectators connected with a school team shall enter any facility that we use, prior to the published starting time of a meet UNLESS, a Meet Director or an Officer of the Association is present in the facility and has obtained permission from the facility for early entry of Schools from our Association.  (Penalty to be the same as in Rule #11

33. A coach, preferably the Head Indoor Track & Field Coach, must work as an official at our Regular Season meets. The officiating assignment to be determined by the Meet Director and it is understood that the assignment is for the duration of the event assigned or for the duration of the meet. Coaches are to notify the Meet Director upon arrival and obtain their assignment for the day. Failure to do this job or to check in will be subject to the same penalties as described in Rule #11





Each athlete will put or jump three (3) times in the trials. Flights of several athletes at a time will compete. The Top six (6) athletes will put or jump three (3) additional times in the finals, in reverse order. For the Shot Put, all competitors will use the Association shot in actual competition.  “High bounce” shot puts are illegal – there use in warm up or competition will result in disqualification.

__________________________________HIGH JUMP_____________________________________

The bar will start at 5 feet 2 inches. The bar will move 2 inches to 6 feet. From 6 feet the bar will move the number of inches decided upon by the judge of the competition and the Meet Director.

Novice Meet Director will determine the heights for the Novice Meet.

__________________________________POLE VAULT____________________________________

The bar will start at 9 feet 6 inches. The bar will move 6 inches at a time to 12 feet. After 12’0” the bar may continue at 6” or 3” intervals, at the discretion of the meet director. Novice Meet Director will determine the heights for the Novice Meet.


It has been voted on and passed by the Board of Directors that all field event competitors MUST wear their school’s standard track uniform. The only exception would be a physically huge competitor who cannot fit into a school uniform. The decision as to whether to approve a substitute uniform will be made by the Meet Director. (any substitute uniform used must be school colors or another school uniform with school identification that is acceptable) Tights from ankles to waist, knee to waist tights, are legal unless violating the size of logo rule.  In relays if more than one competitor wears apparel under the uniform top the apparel must all be the same single solid color.

The T&FCAofGP,Inc. will respect the PIAA Board of Controls policy on uniforms and will require that all member schools adhere to that decision.

“Cutoffs” and other “make-shift” apparel will not be permitted.


_______________________________SPECIAL NOTES____________________________________

Entries may be under one of three plans. ONE PLAN MUST BE SELECTED AND ADHERED TO FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. There will be no refunds or credits permitted on incorrect dues, fees, improper plan selection, late fees, or cancelled meets due to inclement weather.


$425.00 per season. Which includes a School Membership Fee, a teams full entry into each meet, including the Novice Meet & Robert Burdette meet (boys team only), and the Head Coach’s Membership.


$400.00 School Membership Fee, which includes the Head Coach’s Membership, and all regular season meets plus the Novice Meet ( Robert J Burdette meet entry NOT included in Plan II)


$30.00 School Membership Fee, which includes the Head Coach’s Membership.  An additional $10.00 per individual and/or $20.00 per relay or $80.00 per full team will be paid at the meet the school intends to participate in.


___________________________FRESHMAN – SOPHOMORE RACES____________________________

The Freshaman/Sophmore races are open to 9th and 10th graders who have never won an award/medal in any indoor or outdoor track and field meet or cross country meet while in varsity competition.  Once a ribbon has been won by an individual they are no longer permitted in Freshmen / Sophmore races during the season but MAY compete in the season end Novice Meet.

Clarifications – These races have no bearing on the Novice Meet, or participation in it. Once a ribbon has been won the competitor is not allowed in Freshman – Sophomore races again in his or her career but is allowed to compete in the Novice Meet.

All Freshman – Sophomore Races will normally be the first event of each meet.

Running someone below 9th grade or above 10th grade in the Freshman/Sophomore relays will result in suspension from further competition in these races by your team for the season.  This would include the use of a prior ribbon winner, which also would result in a suspension.





**** two (2) heat finals of the 60/60H if we have 25 or more athletes

at both Lehigh and Haverford

MEET #1                    Lehigh University

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2017      200m / lap         Division 1    8:30 AM  Division 2   12:30 PM

##F/S 4x800m Relay       6. Mile Run                       12. Shot

1. 60 Hurdles                      7. 3000 Meters               13. High Jump

2. 60 Dash  (2 athletes) 8. 4 X 800 Relay              14. Long Jump

3. 200 m                            9. Distance Medley Relay    15. Triple Jump

(finals of 60/60H)          10.4 X 200 Relay              16. Pole Vault

4. 400 m                          11. 4 X 400m Relay

5. 800m

MEET #2   Lehigh University    Athletes may run in two events-need relay names on entry

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2017  200m / lap ## Both Divisions together## 8:30am start

* Frosh/Soph-4 X 200 Relay

1. 60 Hurdles                  6. Mile Run                      11. 4 X 400m Relay

2. 60 Dash                     7. 3000m Run                   12. Shot Put

3. 200m (2 athletes)     8. 4 X 800m Relay           13. High Jump

(finals 60/60H)         9. Distance Medley Relay    14. Long Jump

4. 400m                    10. 4 X 200m Relay            15. Triple Jump

5. 800m                                                               16. Pole Vault



Wednesday. Dec 27th  Burdette Memorial Meet – Lehigh (see specific entry form) (SPIKES ALLOWED)

8:30am to 5:00pm – Entry through



MEET #3                      Lehigh University

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2017     ** Both Divisions together**  8:30am to 4:00pm

1. Frosh/Soph 4 X 400 Relay           8. Mile Run                  13. 4 x 400 Relay

2. 60 Hurdles                              9. 3000m Run                    14. Long Jump

360 Dash                                   10. 4 X 800m Relay            15. High Jump

4.  200m                                11. Distance Medley Relay     16. Shot put

5. (finals of 60/60H)           (1200, 400, 800, 1600)       17 Triple Jump

6. 400m                                  12. 4 x 200 Relay                 18. Pole Vault

7. 800m (2 athletes)


MEET #4                       Haverford College

SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 2018      200m / lap            Division 1   8:00 AM  Div 2 12:00

1. 55 Hurdles                       6. 800m

2. 55 Dash                            7. Mile Run (2 athletes  )      12. 4 X 400m Relay

(55/55H finals)                   8. 3000m Run                    13. Shot Put

3.Frosh/Soph4x800 Relay  9. 4 X 800m Relay              14. High Jump

4. 200 m                           10. Distance Medley Relay       15. Long Jump after 55/55H finals

5. 400m                            11. 4 X 200 Relay                  no triple jump


Meet #5                       Haverford College   2 DMR heats if enough teams run 

Saturday, January 13, 2018      200m/lap              Div 2 8:00am – Div 1 12:00 noon

1.  55 Hurdles                                              no triple jump

2.  55 Dash                       6. 800 m            11. 4 x 200 relay

(55/55H finals)               7. Mile Run       12. 4 x 400 relay

3. F/S DMR Relay          8. 3000m          13. Long Jump after 60/60H Finals

4. 200 m                        9. 4 x 800          14. High Jump

5. 400 m                         10. DMR              15. Shot Put



MEET #6 Glen Mills   

SATURDAY, January 20, 2018               200m / lap   Division 1   7:30 AM ###   Division 2   10:30 AM ###

** Frosh/Soph-4 x 200            5. 3000 Meters          9. (no long jump this week)

55/55HH (no finals)  6.      4 x 800 Relay        10. Pole Vault (2 athletes)

1. 200 Meters                           (NO DMR)                11. Shot Put  (2 athletes)

2. 400 Meters  (2 athletes)   7. 4×200 relay          12. High Jump (2 athletes)

3. 800 Meters                        8. 4X400 Relay          13. Triple Jump (no long jump)

4. Mile Run


Meet #7   SATURDAY, January 27, 2018      Glen Mills    Div 2 7:30 am  Div 1  10:30 am  

no F/S relay                     5. 3000 Meters          9. (no long jump this week)

55/55HH (no finals6. 4 x 800 Relay           10. Pole Vault (2 athletes)

1. 200 Meters               7. Dist Medley                11. Shot Put (2 athletes)

2. 400 Meters              8. 4×200 relay             12. High Jump (2 athletes)

3. 800 Meters              9. 4X400 Relay          13. Triple Jump (no long jump)

4. Mile Run


Meet #8           Lehigh University   SPIKES ALLOWED (athletes may run two events)


Saturday, Feb 3 2018         200m/lap          Div 1 8:30am – Div 2 12:30pm

Frosh/ Soph 4 x 400

1.  60 Hurdles  (2 athletes)   6. 1 Mile Run           12. Long Jump

2. 60 Dash                7. 3000m                    13. High Jump

3.  200M                  8. 4 x 800                    14. Shot Put

(60/60H finals)      9. DMR                       15. Triple Jump

4.  400m                  10. 4 x 200 Relay       16. Pole Vault

5.  800m                  11. 4 x 400 Relay



Meet # 9  Novice Meet – Wednesday, February 7th Westtown School

Wednesday, February, 7 2018  160m lap track Novice Meet Westtown HS  D I& II together 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm (door opens at 6:00pm)

1.  55 Hurdles         7. 3000 m **                  12. Shot Put

2.  55 Dash            8. 4 x 800 m                  13. High Jump

3.  200 m              9. Sprint Med (2,1,1,5) 14. Triple Jump **

4.  400 m              10. 4 x 160m                15. Long Jump **

5.  800 m              11. 4 x 320m                16. Pole Vault **

6.  Mile Run    ** These events only run when the novice meet is at Lehigh – DMR never run at the Novice Meet



MEET #10 Friday, Feb 9th 2018 Last Chance Meet – Lehigh University (spikes allowed) athlete allowed in 4 events – 

Doors at 6:00pm – meet begins at 6:30pm – Div 1&2 together

1.  4 x 200m                   7. 60 HH Finals          13. 4 x 400m

2.  Distance Medley     8. 60 Dash Finals       14. Shot Put

3.  60 HH Trials            9. 800 m                     15. Pole Vault

4.  60 Dash Trials        10. 200 m                    16. High Jump

5.  Mile Run                 11. 3000 m                   17. Long Jump

6.  400 m                     12. 4 x 800m                 18. Triple Jump (follows long)

(standards for second athlete in an event (both must meet standard)  ONE relay per team

  1. 4 x 200 all accepted
  2. DMR 11:20 – no more than one heat of 15 teams
  3. 60 Hurdles 9.5 
  4. 60 Dash trials 7.4
  5. Mile 4:45.0
  6. 400 Meters 55.0
  7. 60 HH finals (2 heat final if entries allow)
  8. 60 Dash finals (2 heat final if entries allow)
  9. 800 Meters 2:08.0
  10. 200 meters  24.6
  11. 3000 meters 9:30.0 ONE heat of no more than 15 athletes
  12. 12. 4 x 800  8:40.0 no more than 2 heats of 12-14
  13. 13 4 x 400 all accepted 

Pole Vault 11 6, High Jump 5 8, Shot Put 44 0

Long Jump 20 2, Triple Jump 41 0  (numbers will be limited because of two events in the same pit


Meet #11 SAT. FEBRUARY 17, 2018 53rd     MEET OF CHAMPIONS Division I & II

Enter building at 9:00 AM – long jump at 9:30am All other events start at 10:00am

1. 4 X 200m Relay               7. 60 Hurdles – Finals   13. 4 X 400m Relay

2. Distance Medley Relay   8. 60 Dash – Finals       14. Shot Put

3. 60 HH – Trials                9. 800m                           15. Pole Vault

4. 60 Dash – Trials           10. 200m                          16. High Jump

5. Mile Run                        11. 3000m Run               17. Long Jump (9:30am)!!

6. 400m                            12. 4 X 800m Relay        18. Triple Jump(after Long

________________________________MEET OF CHAMPIONS______________________________


For the MEET OF CHAMPIONS, the field event rules from our regular season meets may be adjusted in light of the field of competition. National Federation Rules will apply to the Pole Vault and High Jump.

The events of the Meet of Champions will have approximately the following make-up:


4X200m                             – 5 to 6 heats with 5 teams per heat

Distance Medley Relay       – 2 heats of 12 to 14 teams (if necessary)

(1200,400,800,1600) or (3/4,1/4,1/2,Mile)

60 Dash                         – No more than 5 heats of 6 per heat

(Time advancement, in Trials & Semi’s to a 6 person final)

Mile Run                      – 2 heats with 12 to 14 per heat

60 Hurdles               – same as the 60 Dash

400m Run                 – 4 to 5 heats with 5 to 6 per heat

800m Run                 – 2 heats with 10 to 12 per heat

200m Dash                – same as the 400m

3000m Run                – 2 heats of 12 to 14 per heat (if necessary)

4X800m/or y Relay        – 2 heats of 10 to 12 per heat

4X400m/or y Relay        – 4 to 5 heats of 4 to 5 per heat

Field Events             – flights will be determined by the number of qualifiers


NOTE: 2017-18 Indoor Season entry into the Meet of Champions will be as follows.  ALL FIRST AND SECOND PLACES IN REGULAR SEASON MEETS ARE AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS ALONG WITH 1st AND 2nd AT THE RJBIC MEET. 



Event             Hand Time FAT
4x200m        1:38.0/ 1:38.24
DMR             11:07.0/ 11:07.24
60m              7.2/ 7.44
60HH           8.9/ 9.14
Mile              4:40.0/ 4:40.24
400m            53.8/ 54.04
800m           2:04.8/ 2:05.04
200m           23.8/ 24.04
3000m         9:20.0/ 9:20.24
4x800m       8:36.0/ 8:36.24
4×400           3:39.7/ 3:39.94
High Jump    5 10

Long Jump   20 6

Triple Jump  41 6

Shot Put        46 0

Pole Vault     12 0

Ranking of individuals and relays for the Meet of Champs will be done by the Board of Directors (or delegated to the Clerks of Course) on the basis of the best performance in an association sponsored meet that calendar year. ONE RELAY PER SCHOOL PER RELAY EVENT QUALIFIED FOR. The team members of the relay team may be any four members of your team that are on your Eligibility list and that have competed in at least one regular season Association meet.


All athletes who are entered through PA.MILESPLIT.US by the deadline will be permitted to perform in the Meet of Champions. This would include all individual running and individual field events. This would not apply to relays that are qualified for the Meet of Champions. Individuals or relay competitors would be subject to “disqualification from further competition in the Meet of Champions from that point on” ONLY if they do not compete after clerking in for an individual event or if a relay card was turned at the time of clerking in listing them as a competitor and then the relay “SCRATCHED” or was a “NO SHOW” for that relay event.


An athlete may only compete in (4) four events in the Meet of Champions.






The Association will still conduct its meeting for the purpose of “seeding and ranking” on the designated calendar date. This meeting will now be the “RANKING/SEEDING MEETING” and will serve as a REQUIRED meeting for our corporation. The purposes will be to review ranking lists for accuracy, to prepare information for the program for the Meet of Champions, and to distribute tickets to schools having athletes qualified for the Meet of Champions.


AWARDS for the Meet of Champions will be the Association Medal to individuals first through sixth place;


ADMISSION into the Meet of Champions be $5.00. That ADMISSION into the Meet of Champions be FREE for children in grade five or below and that the determination of grade or age be left to the discretion of the ticket takers.