About Us

What is the T&FCAofGP,INC.?

The Track and Field Coaches Association of Greater Philadelphia is composed of track and field coaches from Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Our stated purpose is “to foster the participation of track & field at high school and other competitive levels through the year.” To achieve our goal, the Association sponsors a complete season of indoor track and field competitions for high school boys, as well as an invitational meet in the Spring.

In addition the association promotes the sport of Track & Field by:

·        fostering relationships with college track and field programs accross the entire country
·        fostering relationships with other track and field orgaizations that promote amateur athletics both within and outside our community
·        sponsoring an annual diner during the Penn Relays to honor those who have made significant contributions to our association and to the sport of track and field

What schools are members of T&FCAofGP,INC.?

The Association is composed of High Schools from the five county Philadelphia area. This includes schools in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadlephia counties.

Click here for a listing of schools currently active in T&FCA

Who runs the T&FCAofGP,INC.?

The Association is totally operated by its member coaches. All member coaches are required to assist in officating at the various association sponsored meets. Through regular voting, the coaches select officers and a board of directors to conduct the formal business of the Association.

Click here for a listing of officers and officials currently active in T&FCA